DanceHouse Week

We at Cappelleria Bertacchi strongly believe community is a beautiful thing, where we help one another to enrich everyones lives. And since opening almost two years ago we have strived to do just that. Vancouver has a growing number of organizations that are creating beautiful work that fosters the style and culture of our city. One of these organizations we have had the pleasure to work with is DanceHouse, which brings performers and troupes from around the world to our city, presenting exceptional events and entertainment. This month we once again work with DanceHouse and this time we have the chance to give something back to them.

From the 14th to the 24th we will be donating 10% of all our sales to this wonderful organization. In this way you too can become a part of this growing community by supporting your local artisans and performers at the same time.

So come on down and try on some hats, our doors are open 7 days a week and feel free to check out

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