Exciting news!


The year has just begun and at Bertacchi Hatcrafter we have some exciting news that we would like to share with you.

We started three generations ago designing and producing handmade hats in the very heart of Tuscany: Siena. 

Tuscany is one of the Italian regions better known for its excellent craftsmanship. It is a privileged place where creativity, taste and expertise have always originated high-quality products. Siena is especially rich in small artisan businesses: our hats are the expression of this ancient and proud tradition.

Three years ago we decided to start a new adventure. Our mission is to spread handmade quality, we are a family business of artisans that love what we do.

We moved here to Canada, an inspiring and vibrant country, and we bet on Vancouver to open our first shop abroad. The journey has been amazing; we have met so many fervent people and collaborated with incredible artists.

When you are enthusiastic about your job and proud of your roots the journey never stops and so we want to start this year with another surprise: not only hats, we are now proposing a full true Tuscany experience at Bertacchi’s.  The project is in the long run and we want to hear from you. You can find unique umbrellas made in Florence, designed and produced by an Italian Family for over 100 years, at our store in Gastwon, Vancouver.

Also, a selection of best quality scarfs produced in the region of Prato to match with your hats, the feeling is like being hugged by a cloud. Because style is important but comfort is our motto.

Our customers know that we are different from other hat shops because we do not only sell but also produce them: we know hats at 360° so we can customize them for you, re-block, clean and give them a new life they deserve and they are all made in Italy, or better: MADE IN TUSCANY!

So many exciting news that we would love to tell them face to face. Come to visit us: there is nothing we would love more than talking about fashion, hats, Tuscany and you!


Adi Bertacchi

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