Relocating soon!

Dear Friends,


Surely at this beginning of the year, we had a lot! As most of you have noticed we have TEMPORARY CLOSED our beloved shop in Abbot Street.

Ïtalian men chatting in the bench with hats

 We had some amazing memories there: our shop was our second house where we spend joyful time and we are happy to see all of you even stopping by for a little chat. In Tuscany, we have this tradition of sitting in benches and chat with each other. We hope you felt the same way in our cozy atelier.

It was time for us to EVOLVE and we wanted to create something MORE for you. This is why we are opening a NEW SHOP where the TUSCAN EXPERIENCE will be totally immersive. We are preparing a lot of thrilling news: products that are not only fashion accessories, collaborations like the Italian APERITIVO we did, new partners… OH WAIT AND SEE!!

We would like to tell you everything now but we must leave a bit of MISTERY so we will see your SURPRISED FACES.

In the meantime, if you miss us as we do miss you please do not become desperate: we have our ONLINE SHOP, which is ALWAYS OPEN for you. Check this out: https://cappelleria-bertacchi.shoplightspeed.com/

See you soon.

Un abbraccio,